EGO was birthed from a need to comfort and show up for my inner child; she that felt a fundamental lack of understanding of herself, her needs, and her space in the world. EGO, in essence, is space to show up for + invest in ourselves, unapologetically. It is space to share our stories as testimony; and to hold oursleves + each other accountable, as we heal + grow. We are all on a journey of healing + becoming. As we trace our steps back + analyze the pieces of who we were, and consider who we want to be(come) it is imperative that we hold space and make room for our sisters–especially the ones who follow behind us.

We are the village it takes to raise the child.


BIO: Igho Diana

Founder & Programs Facilitator


Igho Diana is a spoken word poet, arts educator, and natural hair + wellness advocate–born in Nigeria, currently situated in Toronto, CA. In her twenty-plus years of lived experience, she has come to believe that being Black and Woman is a lesson in resilience + grace. Thus, she dedicates her time documenting + sharing her experiences, as testimony, through writing, performances, teaching, and burgeoning wellness brand + platform, Ebony Girls Obsession; which prioritizes black women in its programming. She aims to continue creating more space(s) and opportunities for young black women to practice self-care and sisterhood, intentionally.

Along with building EGO into a sustainable community, Igho is currently a Community Development student at Humber College and facilitates workshops for children and youth in underserved communities, as part of the VIBE Arts artist roster.



  • Growing into a community of women, that value self-care and sisterhood.
  • Consistent programing, events, partnerships and funding.
  • A physical space of our own to: create, work, build, teach, learn, grow, and celebrate, with each other.



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